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Welcome to the latest installment of Feature Fridays.

If your new to our site, Feature Fridays is a segment where we highlight a YouTube WoodWorker that you might not have heard of before.

For this weeks Feature Friday please welcome Shawn Stone from Stone and Sons Workshop

Shawn Stone is a husband and proud father of three boys who loves wood working.
Stone and Sons WorkShop
It’s an escape from the busy life to recharge and refocus. It is truly therapy for me.
Shawn got stated woodworking  by accident. He was working on turning the breakfast room into a mudroom outfitted with coat hooks, benches and shoe cubbies and he was hooked.
My oldest son was young at the time and watching him mock me with a hammer and a screwdriver got me thinking about what kind of example I was setting for him. It was then that I decided to build the shop that serves as Stone and Sons Workshop today. A place where we could spend time together as a family. Now with three boys, I want to lead by example to never stop working with my hands and using my creativity.
When equipping the shop Shawn bought the necessary tools. He took the practical route and started looking on Craig’s List, bought some at the big box and even bought some from Harbor Freight.
Before I knew it I had just about everything I needed (wanted). One particular tool I had never used was the lathe. I was excited about trying it out and just recently turned my first lathe project, a woodworking mallet.

Most of the projects Shawn builds are for family, friends and for the shop, trying to improve the experience for his boys.

The more I got into shop projects the more research I did on YouTube looking at different ways to do things. It was then I thought I would like to have my own channel. The first couple of videos I shot on my iPhone and then soon after got a GoPro and some gear. I edit on a Macbook with iMovie. My boys have gained an interest in making videos as well. They want to be part of the building and also the video aspect.

I may not be the best at woodworking or any other craft I attempt, but I will try my best to provide an environment to help bring out the talents and skills in my boys that they don’t yet realize they have. Woodworking has been a great way for our family to learn together, create together and bond with one another and we want to share those experiences with others through video.


Shawn is very thankful to all the content creators that played a part in inspiring him to do things that I didn’t think he was capable of. And, of course, to the viewers and subscribers for supporting his new found passion.

Also, thanks to my wife for being supportive of this sometimes crazy world of woodworking and also of what it takes to make videos.

kids wooden tool box

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